We basically simplify the dynamics of the ever-changing world for your employees. Each category consists of microlearning modules that handle a subject from different perspectives to realize the potential of your employees. Let your employees meet the real world…


Each team needs extra skills.

An Ever-growing Library

Learning never stops Expect to find what you are looking for once you start a course every 3 months.

Final training

Soft Skills
Digital Skills
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COBIDU eLearning

Lastly, courses for everyone

Affordable Price

Pay as much as you need to access COBIDULIBRARY. There is no more!

Always up-to-date

We go through our collection to always keep it updated.

330+ Microlearning Modules

An ever-growing elearning collection that responds to the needs of the changing world.

130+ Podcasts

Simply plug in your earphones as you handle your other tasks.

No Overlapping Subjects

Each subject in the collection provides a unique learning experience.

Works with any LMS

If your LMS works with SCORM or AICC-compliant courses, working with COBIDULIBRARY courses will be easy for your LMS administrator.

Less Than 15 Minutes

Complex subjects become interesting with our modern approach to simple learning.

Different Formats

COBIDULIBRARY consists of micro packages in different formats such as video, podcasts and PDF to keep the learning experience maximized.

New Modules Included

Current and future modules are included in the price.

No User Limits

You pay for the collection and decide how many people will use it.

Free Cloud LMS

So, You don't have LMS platform? Then enjoy COBIDULIBRARY with free Cloud LMS service over private domain address for your organization!

Accelerate your business growth with COBIDULIBRARY & CLOUD LMS

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